Faith & Fun with songs

  • 18 original, contemporary praise and worship songs with movements.

  • Music with guitar chords, movement instructions with clear stick figure diagrams and details of age, number, formation, type of movement.

  • Suitable for church, children’s time, kid’s clubs and school scripture time.

  • Book and CD.

Outrageous Praise

  • 20 original praise and worship songs written for all ages.

  • Suitable for church, kid’s clubs and school scripture time.

  • Music with guitar chords, movement with artist drawings.

  • Book and dual CD with vocal and backing versions.

Song Links

  • 15 original Christmas, Easter and Exodus songs.

  • Children perform with the CD as presentations that “link” parts of the story.

  • CD with words insert.

God's Colourful Promises

  • In the Bible God generously makes promises to us - and God has faithfully kept them throughout the ages.

  • This resource helps to begin to explore and celebrate God's promises.

  • 5 original songs, CD with words insert.

Out of this World

  • 16 minute musical on John’s gospel featuring Jesus' “signs”, death and resurrection.  

  • Suitable for Primary age children, churches, kid’s clubs.

  • Use as a whole or in sections, or as individual scenes for lessons.

  • Book with suggested movement, drama & simple props.

  • Music book, chords and melody lines.

  • CD with vocal and backing tracks.

  • Four videos each with 'ideas script'

  • Three of the videos are 'lyric videos' for presenting the song

  • The fourth is an 'Instructional Video' to help in presenting The Sower and the Seed

  • A fifth video is a lyrics video for the song 'Life with the Risen Jesus'